HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

TEKKON Group believes that the success of an organization is not limited to commercial success; but is also dependent on creating a safe, healthy and positive working environment for all of its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. TEKKON Group will always put the health and safety of its stakeholders first, and will be committed to minimize incidents and health hazards in all of its operations.

Tekkon Group considers environmental protection to be a priority as it is not only a legal obligation but also a moral necessity. Every characteristic of each product and method is analyzed thoroughly before it is proposed to our customers. We form our product list from environmentally qualified materials and chemicals. Tekkon Group will conduct all of its ‘Service’, ‘Logistics’, ‘Chemical/Equipment Supply’ operations with strict commitment to environmental protection.

TEKKON Group HSE Manual and Regulations promote the below:

  • To have realistic and achievable goals to achieve zero incidents, zero environmental contamination spills and to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Providing timely and highest-quality services in compliance with national and international standards and regulations.
  • Satisfying specific customer requirements, creating customer satisfaction.
  • Taking advantage of innovation and cutting-edge technology to increase energy efficiency and minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Taking every aspect of the working area into consideration.
  • Analyzing every characteristic of a product and qualifying it as beneficial for our customers, safe for use by our personnel and harmless for the environment.
  • Introducing our HSE Standards and Policies to all our employees and engaging in continuous in-house training.
  • Urging our partners, suppliers and contractors to be committed to the same HSE Standards and Policies.

The above listed goals and commitments are supplementary to our commitment to comply with Local Government Rules & Regulations of the areas we operate in.

The “TEKKON Group Health, Safety & Environment Policy” will be review and updated annually.